Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the school picture

Ever wonder what perks you get from being a teacher?  See above. You are looking at it.  Free school pictures!  On picture day they had someone cover my class, so I could go down and get my school picture for the year.  I LOVE IT. 
Don't I look like someone who genuinely loves my job [and dresses like a teacher]??
The answer is yes.  I do love my job. 
I love that every single day I contribute to 200 lives.  Sometimes in a big way and mostly in a small way.  Either way, I am putting my skills to use.

On the same topic as school, can I please tell you that even though Masters classes leave me feeling like I have nothing left to give, I am loving it.  It feels go good to be embarking on a goal that I have planned to do for years and years.  I am 1 1/2 years from that school adminstration certificate. 


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amberdat said...

You are rockin' it! Although, I must say... it would have been a bit better had you put your chin in the palm of your hand! :)