Monday, October 8, 2012

the beef

Motorcycle growing away in there somewhere
Here's the beef.  I am 11 weeks pregnant with an expected delivery date of April 30, 2013.  
The last 11 weeks have been mostly uneventful in the realm of symptoms and such.  With the exception of it being the only thing that is ever on my mind, I really have not had anything to complain about.  

I have not had to discontinue my weekly mileage at all.  I am on the same schedule of cross training and tempo runs during the week ending off the week with a long endurance run Saturday morning.  Last week I logged 29 miles.  10 of those miles coming from Saturday's long run pre General Conference. 
My mile pace has not slowed down yet either. I was very very weary and cautious about it in the first weeks.  However, after feeling more and more comfortable with listening to my body and a green light from the doctor, I am running on with the same pace as before.  

I completed a sprint triathlon while 5 weeks pregnant.  Post triathlon has left me craving more time training in the pool.  I have continued swimming laps several times a week because of the obvious benefits for runners (and pregnant ladies).  

Motorcycle and I are running a 10k this Saturday.  I am very excited about this race and have a goal to meet.  Speaking of goals, I obviously have some training goals in mind while pregnant.  I go more in detail on my running blog.  However, my overall important goal is to run through pregnancy in a comfortable and safe way.  I would like to gradually make changes and steadily keep my running a part of my everyday life.  

As I type this I am aware that veteran child bearers are reading this and forming opinions.  To you, I would say let me do my thing.  You got to figure it out.  Let me figure it out.  I feel my best when I am running and training.  I will learn to juggle my new life responsibilities with running and school and homework and such.  For now, I am learning to nurture a precious little baby while staying happy and healthy.  

We heard Motorcycle's heartbeat last Friday.  While listening to that tiny heart beat away, we also saw Motorcycle doing somersaults and flips all over the place.  I had no idea!!  What a neat thing to see.  By the way, Motorcycle is the name of choice for our little Kiwi-American.  Who knows, we may stick with that name even after we meet him/her.  

I would say that Motorcycle has already indicated some likes and dislikes.
Does like

  • running-I know this because I feel like a million bucks after each and every run
  • oranges-I cannot get enough oranges.  Each orange is like a heavenly treat.
  • weet bix-only a Kiwi will understand this one
  • swimming laps-again, million bucks
Does not like
  • sleeping in one position-goes more for the toss and turn kind of night
  • skipping meals or eating off schedule
  • white things-just like me
In summary, the last 11 weeks have been great.  Here is to round 2! 



Kerri said...

Huge congratulations!! What a fun new adventure. When you get a stroller, spend the big bucks and get a Chariot. That's my only advice.

Cheryl and Tyler said...

YAY!! Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys!! Motorcycle is lucky to be born into your family! :)

McKenna said...

I LOVE this! I really love how you stick it to your critics and are doing what is right for you. Go with that! Congrats again!!!

Mary Catherine Blackburn said...

Yay!!!!!! how wonderful!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

e.m. said...

Congrats my dear!

Whitney said...

Motorcycle?! Awesome! I love it. And seriously, pregnancy is so much better/easier with exercise. You are amazing.