Friday, October 19, 2012

the dreams

From the very beginning that I found out about Motorcycle, my dreams have turned completely real and vivid.  My dreams are so real that sometimes I truly have to question whether it happened in life or in REM.  Many of the dreams are about teaching and school.  Interestingly, the most impressionable dreams I have had are all about my future labor and delivery.  

The school dreams.  I have had dreams about some of my students.  Before that sounds weird and creepy, let me clear it up.  One night I woke up in a panic and asked Jason if Devon's (name changed) mom had called yet.  I was sure that something had happened to him and that his mom needed to talk to me right that instant.  When Jason laughed and smiled I was so confused.  When I saw "Devon" the next morning I kept second guessing myself about whether it was fake or real.  So weird.  There are many others, but this one stands out in my mind.

The labor and delivery dreams.  From the first week I found out to last Wednesday night, I have had very vivid and realistic dreams about labor.  In one instance I delivered Motorcycle while he/she was only 5 months old.  The baby was smaller than my palm, and we were in an incubator facility.  The gender seems to vary between dreams.  Lately, the dreams have been  in the context of a full term pregnancy and a very routine labor and delivery.  The thing that is boggling my mind is how vivid these recurring labor dreams are.  I can remember insignificant details, like the color of the wall, what the doctor is saying, and how it felt.  

I don't know what to think of it.  I guess that I'm somewhat happy because I am getting a chance to pre experience this big huge deal.  

Cheers and goodnight!

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