Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the groove

Most running posts are reserved for my running blog
Sometimes I can't resist writing on this forum about a run that went particularly well.  

Yesterday morning I woke up 30 minutes later because Intersession does not begin until 8am.  By the time I hit the road at (6:02am) for the morning run, I started to feel panicky about being late on the first day.  I had What Ifs flying all over the place.  I knew that if I ran through this panicky feeling that I would have a sub-par run.  Usually that is my only option.  But, Fall Break is a wonderful thing.  This time I did have the option of being able to run in the afternoon without having taught all day long.  

I championed through my school work and by late afternoon was ready to rectify the panicky situation from 6:02 am.  I geared up in my fancy stuff.  I wanted to make this one good.  I even uploaded a new playlist.  I was going with the intention of finding the zone and just running for fun.  I admit that I haven't achieved that feeling in quite some time.  

I want you to know that I found it.  I ran in the zone for 6 glorious miles on a Monday night.  6 miles is nothing spectacular.  It's not the miles logged I am happy about.  It is the feeling of finding joy in a late afternoon, after a stressful morning, after finding out about my grant, after doing hours of homework, and being successful.  This was Larissa time at its fullest. 


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McKenna said...

LOVE. I love that you can actually find joy in running and I love that you put your not-great run on hold until you would be able to do just that. Way to go.