Thursday, November 1, 2012

the second quarter

Now that I am 13 weeks settled into a very productive school year, I cannot help but declare my absolute love for my job.  There are some characters in this group of pupils.  I like that.  I started the year with a roster of 210 students.  13 weeks later I now have 174 pupils.  It is the natural order of move ins and move outs.  

I wanted to share with you something impressive that my 4th period completed.  This gem was the 2nd place winner for the Red Ribbon Week.  Junior high kids are alarmingly unmotivated when it comes to declaring their drug free way of life in a public school setting.  Nonetheless, these 4th hour kids came up with a theme for the door decorating contest and dominated.  Well, 2nd place domination, but I will take it.  
2nd place

Also during said Red Ribbon Week, we had spirit week.  On Fake Injury Day I taught the whole day with a walker.  Enough said.  
No joke 

In other school news, I have been selected to represent my school at a data conference.  Basically, it is a chance to learn how to use real time data to drive classroom instruction.  It is a topic that I have put much effort into during my daily instruction.  This opportunity made me feel that my efforts are being noticed.   Not to mention, this will also clarify points that I obviously need to learn more about.  

Additionally, I have been asked to be a principal step-in person.  I don't know what the exact name is for the title.  Either way, as someone who is aspiring to be a principal, I was thrilled that  I would be asked.  This said person steps in when both the assistant principal and principal are away.  It would give me a chance to "run" the school and step in as a leader.  In my world, this is a big deal. 

Inch by inch I am getting closer to that looming masters degree.  I am 2 classes short of the halfway point.  I have 8 classes to go.  

And that, my friends, is the teaching world of Larissa. 


McKenna said...

I cannot even describe how much of a rockstar you are! The fact that you know what you want in life and in a career and are getting so close to it is amazing. It makes me proud to be your friend! Well done, and if you could hear me through this comment you would hear me slow clapping your awesomeness.

Whitney said...

Ditto to McKenna. Love your motivation, drive, and sheer passion for teaching. Makes me miss it!