Thursday, November 1, 2012

the fourteenth week

post 7 miler...Motorcycle in tow
Motorcycle is starting to make him/herself comfortable as evidenced by the photo.  Comparatively speaking, I had a very comfortable first trimester.  Never barfed or felt sick.  I did deal with some hormonal issues, acne, and bowel issues.  However, they were minor inconveniences in comparison to what others experience.  

I can say that I do feel a bit more normal this week.  I feel like myself a little more than before.  I think it is a combination of settling into my new pregnant life and having some hormonal balance or something. I constantly ask others if they can tell I'm pregnant.  Sadly, the answer is always no.  Except today. 

After our run I casually asked if I was possibly showing.  My sister surprisingly said that there was a hint of a baby belly.  She took a picture to prove to me.  Here is that picture. So, as I said before, Motorcycle is starting to make a d√©but.  

My students still do not know.  My secret wish is that they will never know.

Still running.  Ran 7 miles today.  Still lifting.  Still swimming. Still yogafying.  Not biking.  In summary, exercising is a still a constant. 

No cravings.  

Still having super vivid dreams about labor and delivery.  

Bought a giant candy cane body pillow and a few sale maternity items.  Exciting purchases. 

Tomorrow is another prenatal appointment.  

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McKenna said...

I love this post and hearing all about your pregnancy! Can't wait to hear how the appt goes tomorrow. Sweet new layout as well, it's pretty fancy. Keep the updates coming, I love them!!!