Friday, November 23, 2012

the identity confirmation

The big reveal.  I could hardly contain myself leading up to the appointment.  I do not know how I made it all day.  Within seconds of viewing the ultrasound screen, the doctor basically said that there was no denying the gender.  I asked him how sure he was since I was only 17 weeks and a few days.  He said sure enough to bet his own house.  I will take it.  

Something else neat happened in that little ultrasound room.  Within seconds of finding out that little Motorcycle was a boy, I seriously had to take a mental time-out and just process everything.  I was overcome with an incredible feeling that this was indeed supposed to be.  For whatever reason, he is supposed to be ours right here right now.  It was such a feeling of peace and comfort.  That is something I will not soon forget.  

I am a day away from being 18 weeks along.  Pregnancy life is not too shabby.  I know, I know I always have to bring up running.  Here I go again.  Today I ran 15.1 miles at an 8:37 mile pace. Last week I ran a half marathon.  Basically, I haven't slowed down  yet.  I have been very cautious about approaching my workouts.  For the first time ever I laid out water bottles in the desert so that I could get a drink while running.  One of the biggest changes I have noticed since pregnancy is that I am constantly thirsty while running.  Without those water bottles, I know I could not have done that.  Luckily, I have a supportive big sister who still runs with me even though I have all kinds of annoying needs now that I'm with child.  What can I say, sisters are the only way to go when it comes to workout partners. 

Here is my glamour shot after the 15 miler.  There is definitely some growth in the lower region.  I hope that turns into an obvious pregnant belly soon-instead of a someone needs to do abs stomach.  I am pretty excited to actually look pregnant.  


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McKenna said...

I am really so excited that you are having a boy. I love that you are still getting in monstrous work outs but at the same time that mom side of you is emerging as you change your routines to take care of the little guy. It's cool to see. Keep it up and keep the posts coming!