Thursday, November 1, 2012

the peter pan costume

I was against dressing up for Halloween at school because I did not want it to deter my students from the work in front of them.  I opted for my green teacher dress, black leggings, and my awesome shiny Moses sandals.  It is semi old ladyish semi teacher borderline cute.  I knew this.  I thought it was the furthest I could get from dressing up. wrong.

Let's recap 3rd period on Halloween day.  As I walked the aisles checking to make sure that each student completed the narrative outline, I got stopped by a student, who very seriously, asked if I was dressed up as Peter Pan for Halloween.  I quickly analyzed my response choices for her.  Do I pretend like I dressed up, even though it's just my green teacher dress?  Do I scold her for making a disrespectful comment?  Do I get on her case for talking when she should be doing work?  I went for choice A.  

Why, yes, this is my Peter Pan costume.  And then I went on my way checking outlines.  

I chuckled to myself all day; wondering how many students were actually thinking I had tried to dress up today.  Fail green dress. 

I kid you not.  No sooner than I walked in the door to visit my family on Halloween, the comments were flying about the dress.  After the comments I admitted to them that my students thought I was Peter Pan.  This conversation resulted in this picture being mass distributed to Bratts around this great nation of ours.  Leprechaun or Peter Pan, apparently this green dress is a multi purpose Halloween costume. 

Happy Halloween

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McKenna said...

HAHAHA so awesome. For the record, I like the dress!