Monday, November 12, 2012

the sixteenth week

16 weeks and 0 days
I am noticing a pattern.  Good week bad week good week bad week.  Last week, the fifteenth week, was a bad week.  I know that I haven't previously mentioned any challenges or sickness, but I think any pregnant lady can attest that sometimes you just feel a bit more normal than other times.  A bad week for me is defined by restless sleep, crap workouts, and lack of zest for life.  I don't know that it had anything to do with Motorcycle.  Whether it did or didn't, I am banking on the sixteenth being better. 

There is some evidence that this will indeed be the case. 
 First, I ran 13 miles this morning.  I had mentally braced myself to go slow or possibly stop out there.  Neither of those things happened.  Motorcycle really does love to run.  I will admit out loud that I had some weird cramping in the first four miles.  I was apprehensive about what to do.   I never felt anything after the first four, so I kept going.  This long workout is an indication that I'm in for good workouts during the week. jackpot. 

Second, Kimmy has let me borrow her prenatal heartbeat machine.  We have been able to listen to Motorcycle's heartbeat at home.  I'll tell you right now that the heartbeat has never been  below 140 bpm.  If old wife tales mean anything, then I'm having a girl based on that fact.  All will be revealed in a matter of weeks.

I still don't look pregnant.  The only thing I am rocking is a slight "I don't do abs type stomach."  If you saw me on the street you would not know.  I have gained about 7 pounds and my jeans do feel a bit more snug.  Can someone explain why they feel more snug in my butt and not my stomach area?  

I can confirm that some of my students know my secret.  Last week I had the unfortunate role of afternoon bus duty.  This means I stand outside and watch 200+ jr high students exit the school for the day.  Translation:  200+ students frantically pushing their way out of the doors to freedom.  Carelessness, yelling, and drama are in abundance in this crucial 5 minute bus duty. 

 Anyway, as I am walking outside to fulfill bus duty, 2 girls walked up to me and casually asked me when I was due.  I probed a little before confessing.  What do you mean due?  Who said anything to you about me being pregnant?  When the girls said that someone in the office told them I was a) annoyed that an adult told them before I did and b) realistic that it was time to be honest.  I confirmed the news and told them my due date.  The 2 girls sprinted off to a crowd of 10+ girls where I could hear them confirming the Mrs. Richards news for the day.  

The next school day came and went without a word being said about my pregnancy.  I was prepared to handle it though.  I brought my ultrasound picture of Motorcycle just in case.  Next time I'll be ready.  Some people are probably wondering why it is such a big deal for me to tell my students.  For those readers who are not teachers, this is why.
1.  I see it as another distraction during instruction time.  My personal life should never interfere with their learning and work time.
2.  I do love teaching junior high.  However, I am realistic about the fact that they do have gutter minds.  enough said.
3.  It's my business.  


McKenna said...

Ahhh telling the students. Awkward but yet, a necessity. I'm glad the news has been somewhat painless thus far. You rock for still working out like a champ. Motorcycle is definitely a lucky kid.

Whitney said...

I think it's definitely easier to tell 4th graders than junior high kids. Glad it hasn't been too bad so far. And cool that you get to hear the heartbeat at home! Wish I would have had that!