Thursday, December 27, 2012

the american dream

If you ever happened to read my blog during our New Zealand life, than surely you have heard references to our American dream.  Our tropical life was abruptly moved to the land of the free after we absolutely knew that our hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations needed to be carried out here at this time.  

We have now been in America for 1.5 years.  In this short span of time, I feel that we have embarked on the path we were meant to be on right here right now.  Without turning this into a "look at all the amazing things that I've done-I'm so cool" post, I will try to steer clear of that theme. 

Education and home buying and careers and babies were our driving factors for getting here.  Because of the opportunities afforded us, we were able to jump start our desire for Jason to finish school and for myself to complete graduate school.  Jason magically jumped into a career that supports his schooling.  I smoothly fit right back into a teaching position in my home town.  We finally reached a place where we felt that we could support and sustain a family.  Hence, Motorcycle.  And most recently, our lofty goal to be homeowners sooner than later is slowly becoming a reality.  More on this exciting development to come. 

I think holidays bring on big time nostalgia for the both of us.  Yesterday we watched The Hobbit, which only made our hearts ache to be in New Zealand.  As we walked out of the theatre we were greeted with falling snowflakes.  The ground was covered and the sky was dumping more and more snow on the two of us.  I am always grateful for these little occurrences.  Any time Jason gets to experience something uniquely Arizona I am filled with joy.  I experienced that feeling so many times in New Zealand.  He needs to have those Arizona moments too. 

In summary, we are happy, healthy, and anxious for the coming chapters in our lives.  (Those chapters being the homeowner chapter and Motorcycle's parents chapter).  



McKenna said...

I have been anxiously awaiting your next update because I just love them so much. I love that you are living the American dream and that things are going well for you guys. Chris and I are also embarking on the "we want to own a home" journey and it can be exhausting. I'm glad to hear Motorcycle is doing well and can't wait for more updates!

Unknown said...

I'm really glad to hear at least one of my friends is doing well. It seems like so many people are down on their luck. I'm happy you aren't! I'm also excited to hear about the house!!