Sunday, December 9, 2012

the halfway mark

20 weeks.  I swear I'm not trying to pose dramatically.  Jason took the picture early!
Up until this 20th week, I really have not felt or looked pregnant.  There has been a definite change in my physical appearance and mindset.  

I have attempted to wear maternity clothes.  They look pretty lame on me.  The dress I am wearing in the picture is a maternity dress.  It was super baggy, so I added a belt to accent my little bump.  It still looks mostly baggy.  My jeans are still fitting, though they are being filled in areas that haven't been particularly curvy.  My weight gain is normal.  I have gained roughly 13 pounds. 

Due to a ridiculous bout of stomach flu, I only ran 6 miles this week.  That is absolutely pathetic.  However, it just goes to show that I do listen to my body.  Rest is important, and I'm still feeling horrible 5 days later anyway   

I still have not felt Motorcycle move.  My doctor said to come in if I hadn't felt anything by 21 weeks.  I am 5 days away from that.  I am hoping that it happens any second now.  What if he has moved, and I am too ignorant to know?  

In a lot of ways I feel like I just got pregnant.  Those first few months were spent anticipating things to come and keeping a big secret.  Now that I'm showing and talking openly about it, I realize it is already halfway done!  

Cheers to a healthy second half!  


Kayla said...

We have the same doctor, and I was nervous when he was surprised that I hadn't felt anything either. But when I looked it up online more its actually really common for 1st time preggers to not feel it for a while. I didn't definitely feel it till week 24, and I was within normal weight gain too. And now looking back I just didn't realize that I was feeling it cause I mean, its in a bubble for goodness sake. So don't worry too much.

amberdat said...

you are so cute. don't be nervous about him not moving. you are long and tall and there is a lot more room in there for him to wiggle before you feel him. i didn't feel my first until 21 ish weeks either. can't wait to meet him!!! I love your dress.

McKenna said...
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McKenna said...

This is a great post. Thank you for clarifying about your unintentional dramatic pose because I really was thinking, "wow, this is like from a magazine." Also I wouldn't worry about not feeling him yet. I thought maybe, I might have, a little bit felt Sawyer between 18-20 but most definitely felt him between 21-23. Keep us posted!