Sunday, December 16, 2012

the truth comes out

After admitting to myself that my ever growing belly is now undeniable, I decided to formally announce my news to students.  I must say that I was grossly mistaken in how it would be received.  I showed an ultrasound picture on the SMART Board and told them that this news is related to them because I would not be able to finish the year.  This led to a variety of responses.  

21 weeks-post 10 miles
Here are the most amusing responses throughout the 7 class periods:

a)  Mrs. Richards, I am not trying to be rude, but you really need to gain some weight.

b)  If that is 5.5 months pregnant, I must be 5 years pregnant. 

c)  Is that why you have been more strict with us?

d)  Can I feel your stomach when it starts showing?

e) Why do you have to take time off just because you have a baby?

f) What about track season?  How will you run with us?

Basically, I'm a worrier.  I thought it would be weird and awkward.  Instead I got congratulations, clapping, and tons of warm questions.  Junior high students have exceeded my expectations once again. 

How many times can I say it?  I love my job.  

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McKenna said...

Amazing. Kids are the best. I had the same fears about telling my class last year but the responses I got were far less amusing!