Sunday, January 13, 2013

the twenty fifth week

Things of note during the 24th and 25th week:

25 weeks
  • we bought a travel system-car seat/stroller combo-as soon as we bought it we drove to my sister's house and tried it out with my 8 month old niece, Averi.  I could not resist.  
  • constant feeling of movement-I can even see the movements through my clothing.  I am starting to notice a pattern, perhaps sleeping and awake pattern?
  • ran 10 miles yesterday-I set myself up to not feel bad if I could not do it.  I did it.  I felt great, partly because of the maternity support belt I just received.  more details about my adventures in pregnant running and workouts on my running blog.
  • went back to school after Christmas break.  Students were shocked to discover that they came back to a noticeably pregnant English teacher
  • had several amazing swim workouts-who knew swimming laps was so easy while pregnant?
  • enjoying the peak in energy levels
  • noticing more aches and weird pregnancy ailments
  • seriously reading about and hoping for a natural birth-no epidural no pitocin
On a personal note:
  • I am entering the halfway point of my grad school work.  This gives me motivation to see to the finish line.
  • I love having a bump.  It feels good to sport it.  Clothes can be annoying sometimes, but I genuinely get boggled when I look in the mirror to see how big huge Motorcycle is these days. 
  • Jason is all over the demo work at our future house.  We are beyond excited for this huge development.
  • Jason was happy to receive news from his eye specialist that another cornea transplant may not be needed after all. more steroids and possible lasering of blood vessels in his eye as of right now


Unknown said...

You finally look pregnant!! I'm so happy for you!

Good news about Jason's eye. I've been so concerned about him. I hope the meds help.

p.s. why am i unknown? this is kerri.

amberdat said...

you are looking pregnant finally!!!! being tall sure helps hide the baby bump for a long time! Can't wait to see you grow and the house be fixed and changed. what a fun project!