Sunday, January 27, 2013

the twenty seventh

27 weeks
Welcome to the world of feeling and looking pregnant. 
Welcome to the third trimester.  The home stretch. 


  • Motorcycle moves all the time.  I especially like it when he moves while I am teaching or somewhere else in public.  It is like I am in a secret club that is exclusive only to Motorcycle and I.  
  • Running, yoga, and swimming are still an everyday part of my life.  These things help me feel normal and add some challenge to my day.
  • I went on two walks this week.  Walking is such a sissy thing to do.  However, I am amazed at how relaxing and comfortable it is.  My SI joint feels wonderful during and after.
  • My appetite seems to have quieted down.  I don't feel so hungry.  I don't have the need to snack as frequently as I did leading up to this point. 
  • Weight gain is spot on.
  • We have decided on a name.  Top Secret until he arrives. 
  • I have obtained the necessary documentation to ensure that Motorcycle is a dual citizen.  Motorcycle will carry on the Kiwi American roots.  
Not so awesome aspects:
  • Sleeping is a bust.  Yes, I know.  All moms on this earth are thinking, just wait.  I got it. Thanks.
  • Sitting for more than a few minutes results in SI joint pain.  
  • Feeling like I am 876 pounds.  
  • Weird circulation issues in my legs and feet during the first few miles of a run.  


Calls said...

How come you never let me say anything that a seasoned mom says? All these years of suffering alone in the pregnancy and mother world with no friends having babies and when one finally does she won't let me share any of my misery still. Lame, really lame. I will say one thing, stretching right before bed and first thing in the morning helps me sleep and wake up from "sleep".

I think you made a great decision about doing dual citizenship. I think it's interesting that people discouraged you. I feel cooler knowing you will have a baby with dual citizenship.

Top secret sucks and you know it. Spill the beans, I live in Alaska and promise not to tell a single soul.

LeashyLoo said...

How strange that people would discourage you from obtaining both citizenships....! I don't get why. I got Canadian citizenship for both our kids and am about to get a NZ passport for Jeremy (Bethany already has one) but we also plan on getting Australian citizenship for the kids as well in the future. I mean it can only benefit them,,,,right? Good for you guys. BY the look great!

McKenna said...

You look so cute. Seriously loving it. I also love that you picked a name out but hate that it is secret because I am so anxious to know if he will have some sort of NZ shout out in the form of a native-ish name twist! Keep on keepin' on, you are almost there!