Monday, February 18, 2013

the day off

Now this was truly a productive day off. 

1.  run 5X800m repeats

2.  submit homework for the week

3. Motorcycle's appointment
 30th week.  I have gained 20 pounds thus far.  Everything appears routine and normal.  We discussed the big day of Motorcycle's arrival.  I cannot describe how exciting it was to officially have a conversation with the doctor about the arrival of my very own baby.  It was almost surreal.  
4.  Manual labor
I put in some solid hours of manual labor at our future home.  Due to my current state, I am the resident sweeper, trash picker upper, general organizer,and low key demolition removal expert.  Today we poured concrete to upgrade the front porch.    
concrete=progress, also notice the beautiful brand new windows

cowboy boots and sand, yes please

Motorcycle's room-so precious

living room with beautiful tray ceiling

tray ceiling
6.  Came home from all of this and completed my weekly quiz for EDA 514
7.  Made a to-do list for tomorrow

Cheers to progress and productivity

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