Saturday, February 2, 2013

the twenty eighth

28 weeks
All things Motorcycle:

I was very pleased with my mile pace this week.  It is still  in the 8-8:50 min/mile pace.  I know that I shouldn't be worrying or even timing my running, but I just can't help but be curious.  I completed 5 miles this morning and it was amazingly enjoyable.  As always, my running blog tells all. 

Today marks 28 weeks.  There is nothing special or notable to mark this week.  No new developments , except maybe Motorcycle has switched to karate kicks instead of gentle somersaults. 

 I have been to two baby showers in the past two weeks. Both made me incredibly anxious to be at the finish line.  

I wore maternity jeans for the first time yesterday.  It was depressing and exciting all at the same time.  

All things new house:

It is now hot pink.  Even though it looks like we have made the situation worse, it is actually leaps and bounds progress. Hvac, new stairs, recessed lighting, and probably a billion other things that I don't even realize.  

Speaking optimistically, we will be walking across the church parking lot to bring Motorcycle into this world and walking him home in a stroller the next day.  In other words, our house will be steps from the hospital and we hope to be in by then. 

All things my job:

I really love my job.  Without boring you to death with teacher stories from the past work week, I will just say that I loved it this week.  There were some breakthroughs and outstanding work on the part of my students.  I am one lucky working lady to get up and love my job.  

All things ASU:  My professor warned me about the class I am taking right now.  She gave a huge lecture on how it will be one of the most challenging classes of the program.  I was sufficiently scared that I would be reading leadership books until the wee hours of the night.  Oh contrary.  This class is a cake walk.  Don't get me wrong.  I am still busting my butt and spending hours on homework, but I don't see it as overly tiring or burdensome.  EDA 514 professor, you were wrong. 

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amberdat said...

you are adorable. your blog is a delight to read. can't believe you're still running! go you!!!