Sunday, March 31, 2013

the best day of the week

 Sundays have been my favorite day during this pregnancy.  The day starts with Jason making breakfast.  This morning we had blueberry and banana pancakes.  We enjoy our quiet time sitting next to each other at church.  We make many comments about how we can count on one hand the number of quiet Sundays we have left.  Depending on the season, we usually watch a basketball game or a football game together.  The day ends with family dinner at the Bratts.  

These are the days that I am most excited about our family.  These are the days that I stop worrying about homework and bills and take a minute to appreciate what I have.  

Today is Easter.  My thoughts are turned to the Savior.  I especially have one thing on my mind.  I am starting a family because it is part of Heavenly Father's plan.  I am going to be a mom because I know that I can grow and understand His love for us just a little more by being a parent.  I am raising my son in the gospel because I know that true happiness and joy comes from a testimony in our Savior.  
36 weeks today!

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