Sunday, March 3, 2013

the paint colors

tray ceiling feature in living room

proud dad 

little Motorcycle's room-aqua spray

mocha walls everywhere else
  It has been all demolition since December.  With the exception of new window installation, this was the first time we put something back into the house.

The pictures are a bit misleading.  Jason was at work most of the day.  I soldiered through a day of painting with Kim & Steve.  Jason helped in the morning before work and returned for the most important room of all...

Motorcycle's room.  I insisted that we saved the nursery for Jason and I to paint together.  After Jason got off work we returned to paint his room.  Let's be honest, I was done by then.  Bending down and reaching high felt virtually impossible after a day of painting.  I did what I could and offered Jason quality control.

Sometimes you have little moments in life where you realize that a) your life is awesome and b) your life is about to change significantly.  Jason and I were all smiles as we rolled those walls.  It was a late night labor of love for a little boy that will arrive sometime in the next 8 weeks.


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Unknown said...

picking paint colors is so hard. how fun to prep a room for the little one. i've never had a whole room, just a corner of my room. i can only imagine the possibilities!