Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the thirty second

32 weeks.  Here is what is going on my pregnancy world:

  • Sad to say that my running has tapered significantly  Having said that, I am still rocking the 2-4 mile runs. I always feel like I could do more, but I am learning that ending on a good note is best at this point.  The lesson of stopping while I am ahead and not inducing labor is probably a big thing.   
  • Mostly loving my belly.  I have been excited to look pregnant for so long.  Now that it's here I am trying to embrace it.  I try to not wear sweatpants and XXL t shirts everyday, though it happens quite a bit. 
  • I hated winter while pregnant.  Annoying maternity jeans or uncomfortable normal jeans were the death of me.  Spring is springing, and I'm happy to start wearing sandals, skirts, and tops that rock the belly.  
  • Painting Motorcycle's room was easily one of the highlights I will remember most during this pregnancy.  I was tired and cold and done, but it was so easy to put effort and love into that project because of the connection and love I already have for him.  
  • I have gained 20 pounds in all of this.  I expect to gain another 10 by the end-give or take.  
  • In a weird way I feel like the 2nd trimester was worse than this.  I slept worse, looked more weird with a semi pregnant belly, and was kind of a debbie downer.  The 3rd trimester has left me feeling like I am at the end of a race.  The finish line is near, and I feel like I have a little bit of pregnancy glow.  
  • I have bouts of being thrilled and scared to death all in what seems a matter of moments.  Sometimes I seriously doubt my ability to be a good parent.  Other times I can hardly think of our future without smiling.  Many ups and downs to say the least. 
  • My bestest best friend just taught me an important lesson about birth plans.  An idealized birth plan is neat and magical, but it may not work out the way you hoped it would.  I am approaching labor with a little more of an open mind and optimistic view of interventions if necessary. On that note, I do hope to bring him into the world with no induction or pain tolerance medicine.  Easier said than done I know.  

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