Sunday, April 7, 2013

the thirty seventh

Time to be honest with myself.  I have officially entered the stage in which I am a little on the miserable side.  I think there is something psychological about passing the 36th week mark in safety.  Each day past this mark has left me feeling very pregnant and very ready to meet my precious Motorcycle.  

It is safe to say that pregnancy has been pleasant and cruisy for me.  The miles I logged were probably a little on the ridiculous side.  I surprised my doctor and myself with my ability to run over 10 miles well after being 20 weeks pregnant.  I never threw up.  I never got the back ache thing. Teaching was virtually no different while pregnant.  In summary, my daily routines were not altered because of my condition. 

Now, let's talk about being 37 weeks pregnant.  

  • bending down takes effort and is very unpleasant
  • lifting myself from a supine position takes a concerted effort
  • my appetite has disappeared even though I know a full grown baby needs calories
  • the scale at the doctor's office is depressing (I am at 35 pounds of weight gain)
  • fatigue sets in so much quicker these days.  I find that sometimes I just have to sit down for a second no matter what I am doing. 
  • standing up after sitting down for more than 20-30 minutes induces SI joint pain in my tailbone
  • when Motorcycle moves it is no longer the precious little flutterings from weeks ago.  We are talking jabs and kicks that indicate to me that he is ready for more space just as much as I am.  
  • contractions. mostly they are insignificant and not even worth mentioning.  However, there have been several occasions where they have been painful enough to couch me and freak me out.  
  • it has come to my attention that there are virtually no clothes left that are comfortable.  I have resorted to wearing Jason's big huge tshirts and shorts.  

In other news, 

Jason is taking two classes right now.  They are hybrid courses that are on an ultra fast schedule.  They consume every minute of his free time.  

Our house is so close to being done.  Carpet goes in on Tuesday.  That is huge.  Can you say nursery setup? 

I am one week ahead in my homework for TEL 504.  The class ends on my due date.  I want to be done with the work before he comes.  3 weeks worth of work left. 

Training begins for my new job on my due date.  Subsequent dates follow throughout the summer. I will be coming out of maternity leave to attend each of those sessions. 

ASU summer classes begin second week of May. No rest for the weary. 

Every day that I go to school I realize that it could be my last.  It is an unsettling feeling.  I have a hard time accepting that I'll have to walk away from the school year and my students.  

I tried to preregister at the hospital for my looming labor and delivery.  The receptionist didn't even know what that meant.  I thought preregistering was a universal principle in the world of babies and birthing.  No go.  

Listening to conference was pretty neato this time.  Usually I completely zone out during the how to raise your kid talks.  This time I was elbowing Jason and frantically taking it in as I received some important counsel on the topic.  

We sent away for Jason's permanent green card.  The first two years you are in the USA as an alien, haha, you possess a conditional permanent green card.  We sent the paperwork off for him to be a permanent green card holder.  


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