Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the university admissions lesson

I love my job. bar none. speechless. lucky. love my life.

My accelerated English students have been working on a project that will prepare them for admissions into a university someday. 

We started off with all the boring stuff.  rules on writing a formal letter, headings, what to include in an admissions letter, etc...

I could see my students' eyelids burning from boredom by the second. I decided to infuse a little bit of authenticity into the project.  

Each student had to select a university to apply to.  They went through all the steps by visiting the college website and preparing the needed admissions letter and personal statement. 

I wanted to take it a step further, so I decided to set up a Board of Admissions from the class.  The Board included a School President, Vice President, Student Advisor, 2 Board Members, and the Student Body President.  The students who fulfilled these roles rocked it. 

The remaining members of the class were potential students of the university   They were required to read their personal statements to Board of Admissions.  The classroom was setup with a podium for presenting and a row of Board Members at the front of the room.  Each Board Member had a name plaque.  

On the day of presenting I literally sat in the back of the classroom with my jaw dropping.  The class facilitated the whole project.  I just sat in the back and listened intently as I was continually amazed with what I was hearing.  Can I please note some of the highlights from the personal statements?

  • a girl began her speech by introducing her Navajo clans then explaining how her culture has shaped her educational goals
  • a boy bowed to the Board and proceeded to formally greet them in Japanese.  he went on to explain how the violin has breathed life into his soul.  
  • a girl explained how the challenge of seeing her dad leave their family due to drug use has committed her to being drug free and top of her class.  
  • a girl started with the quote "God gives the toughest battles to His best soldiers" in an effort to explain how religion has led her in the right direction.  
  • a girl explained how battling self-esteem issues has led to her being more resolved to reach her academic goals.
  • a boy explained how his single mom does everything and has taught him how to be a man. 
  • I could go on and on and on.  
The last step is for the Board to decide on who gets accepted and rejected based on their presentation and letter.  I am loving this!  The decisions come out tomorrow...even I am nervous.

To the non-teacher this post is incredibly lame.  Sorry.  I just really really love my job.  It is times like this that I honestly feel like I scored the best in the career world.  

Cheers to loving my job!


McKenna said...

This is phenomenal. Please keep us posted on whether or not the students you mentioned get accepted!!!

Amber said...

could you be any more awesome?!? and besides that. you are so cute as a pregnant lady! when is that baby going to make his grand arrival?!?