Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the wait for my "christmas marathon"

Remember when the days leading to Christmas seemed to drag by as if they would never reach December 25?  Remember how sometimes you thought you just could not wait for one more day.  And lastly, remember how December 23 and Christmas Eve were especially slow? On those days it got down to the hours being painfully slow.  Finally, Christmas morning arrives and as you lay eyes upon the tree and presents left by Santa you were filled with a sense of magic, joy, and amazement at that fact that he actually came!  

I would liken my current status to this in every way.  

I go to bed at night wondering if this is the night.  I wake up in the morning wondering if this is the day.  My anticipation is more than I can handle. 

There is one more metaphor that I can think of that applies to my current status.  

This is where non-runners roll their eyes and stop reading.

Remember how you feel in the days leading up to your first marathon?  You knew what you were getting yourself into when you registered for the event many months before, but you registered any way.   Remember how you trained through good and bad for months leading up to this big event?  There were days where you thought it wasn't worth the trouble.  There were days where you felt like a champion.  Remember how you knew it would hurt, but you knew the pain was worth the gains at the finish?  Finally, you cross the line and experience the triumph of overcoming pain in the name of being your best self.  

Right now I feel like I am just about to run a marathon on Christmas.  Combining those treasures is the only way I know how to vocalize the anticipation, nervousness, fear, curiosity, and excitement of bringing Motorcycle into this world.  

Cheers to 38 weeks and 3 days. 


Anonymous said...

Only 13 more sleeps!!!

Kerri said...

oh man, 38 weeks and 3 DAYS, you are getting impatient.

McKenna said...

LOVE this and really can't wait. I am SO excited for you guys!!!!