Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the early observations

Observations and realizations on being Callum's mom

are you kidding me?  how is this guy so precious?
  • Wow. Breastfeeding is kinda super rough at first.  Can you say pain? The neat thing is that after you triumph over engorgement and extreme soreness, it becomes a precious time to just chill with Callum. 
  • Choosing to be productive over laying around in basketball shorts all day is a win-win.  I have more energy and feel more accomplished. 
  • Sometimes I grumble on the way to the crib in the middle of the night.  By the time I get to him my heart melts all over again, and I do what I have to do at 2:39 am.
  • I am 189% attached and in love with my little boy.  Referring back to the aforementioned nigh time feedings, I do what I have to do because I know what unconditional love feels like in some small way. 
  • Sometimes I let him sleep with me just because I can't resist cuddling him.  
  • He makes squeaking sounds, and I love them. 
  • I now have a more thorough respect for Heavenly Father's amazing creation, the human body.  He seriously equipped the female body with every little tool we need to be a nurturing mother.  Rather fascinating if you ask me
  • All the doomsdayers made it sound like you barely make it out alive while caring for a newborn.  What I am coming to realize is that there is not a textbook method for every little thing.  You have to learn to relax, spot the cues, and use a little intuition.  (still learning this big time)
  • Jason and I both have our ways of calming him.  We are settling into what works and what doesn't.  
  • I had assumed that he would sleep in our room for the first few weeks.  On his first night home he was not having the bedroom thing.  We put him in his crib from that night onward.  2 weeks in and he spends a good share of sleeping in his crib or rocking chair thing.  
  • I was in major denial when his umbilical cord fell off.  I have no desire for him to grow even one inch.  If he stays small and swaddled for the rest of his life, I will be fine. 
  • I haven't started running yet.  Sometimes I think I could, but I know my body needs to fully recover-just like I would let it after a marathon.  I only have a few stitches, but I'm not about to mess those things up. I am aiming for the end of this week (the third week post partum).  
  • Callum got a bit of a diaper rash going recently.  It was obvious by his cry that it bothered him.  That really got to me.  I felt horrible about it.  I guess that's a mom thing?  
  • Pretty sure we have blue eyed kid on our hands.  I realize newborn eyes are sketch and can go either way.  However, I see that undeniable blue sparkle more and more each day.    
  • I am very grateful for the endless amount of support I receive from those around me.  My mom has done a lion's share of things that have helped me learn how to care for a newborn.  My sister is now called the baby whisperer.  If I don't know the answer, she does.  
  • I attended training for my new job yesterday.  It may have only been half a day, but it was rough to leave him.  The training went great, and I can hardly believe that I will be working as an academic coach next year.  However, I got a sneak peek at the challenges of being  a working mom.  
first day back to work-rough
Can he please never grow bigger than this?
the supreme swaddler-Dad



Unknown said...

live and learn. all i'll say is YOU have a six week postpartum checkup for a really good reason. let the "joys" of motherhood and managing three people's needs and wants begin!

callum is adorable.

McKenna said...

I LOVE this post. All of those little things take me flying back to my first few weeks as a new mom as I'm sure they will you when you are a year out. I agree with everything you wrote!! If I know you, you are rocking the mom business. Keep doing what you are doing and make you sure you write down any bleary-eyed, middle of the night epiphanies... sometimes they are so inspired!