Saturday, May 11, 2013

the role of mother


You know how I am slightly obsessed with things like my job, running, school, and other various self-centered activities?  Well, a little 7 pound guy named Motorcycle** has helped me realize what true joy is.  While those activities are very fulfilling and satisfying, they don't come close to the happiness and joy that I have come to realize.  Previous to meeting Callum on his day of birth, I was the lady who was speculative about the joys of motherhood.  I knew it would be great, but I wasn't feeling it.  

Without being to cliche' I cannot believe how incredibly happy it makes me to be Callum's mom.    I love that he depends on me.  I love how he makes our family feel complete.  I love how this makes the importance of an eternal family incredibly more amazing.  I love that he is beautiful, precious, and perfect.  I love that I have even more respect and admiration for my mom.  

During one of the many nighttime feedings something dawned on me about this whole mother thing.  The seemingly dreadful, gross, and tiring things associated with little babies are not at all those things.  You do those things because you love him. No questions asked.  Yesterday he peed on me and threw up on me within minutes.  Who cares. 

I love being Callum's mommy. 

**Motorcycle remains a nickname in our house.

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McKenna said...

Man I am behind on your blog! I love this. Those little realizations are definitely part of the tender mercies of motherhood!