Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the growing baby

My baby Callum is two months old.  His personality is blossoming and growing with each day.  
It has only been two months since I have held this little guy, but I feel like there was nothing before him.  It seems as if he has always been part of our lives.  This little Kiwi Yankee has given us true joy.  

Can I just dote on him for a moment?  
The discovery of finding his hands.  
Houdini-ing his way out of swaddling
The drunken expression on his face when burped. 
His solid commitment to find the ceiling fan in every room.
That dang smile. 
His need to be cuddled by his mommy and daddy.
His ability to only wake twice during the night. 
Those beautiful blue eyes and long curly eye lashes.
The squeaks and coos that tell me he is happy.
The goodnight routine that comforts both him and I.  
The googly eyes that follow the pictures on the pages I read to him.  

precious baby

he sleeps

2 months


Brittany said...

He is so so cute!

LeashyLoo said...

Eeek! He is so adorable! Glad you are enjoying being a mom!