Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the back to school dream

It happened again.  The first day of school dream has made its reappearance.

Remember last year?  I wrote about the reoccurring emergency that happened on campus and ruined my first day of school.  

I present to you the 2013 version of the back to school dream.

The night before my first day back we go to a water park/amusement park.  I chose to go on the white skinny slide with the least amount of people.  The ladder to the top is extremely long and high in the air.  The slide itself is planted in a very deep lake. The slide looks flimsy at best.  As I slide down I notice that it is starting to sag.  I quickly realize that I am going underwater.  I fall to the bottom of the lake and am rescued by a student lifeguard.  

After this crazy adventure I frantically look for my family all over the park. The problem is that I left my mini backpack somewhere in the vicinity of the white slide.  The backpack contained my phone, so I had no way to locate my family.  I roamed the park for what seemed hours and hours.  I was not reunited with them until evening when the sun had gone down and everyone was exhausted.  

side note:  Why did I bring a black mini backpack?

side note:  I was looking for my family in the dumbest places.  I kept re-entering the same saloons, bathrooms, and sky ride.  

This led to my lack of preparation for my first day back at school.  I went to bed in my clothes and did not think about preparing anything advance.  

Of course this this led to me waking up late for my first day as an academic coach.  I left the house in a rush and quickly realized I had forgotten something.  

Oh, that's right, I have a baby this year.  I sped back to the house to find little baby Callum crying in his crib.  I completely forgot to take care of him.  I had also forgotten to arrange for someone to watch him while I was at work.  

This led to the world's worst panic attack during a dream.  

The dream ended there.  I am curious to see if I get the rest of the story tonight.  

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