Monday, July 22, 2013

the best three months

post-run cuddle
 Today is special.  We are celebrating Tatum's birthday, the birth of the royal baby, and Callum's three month mark of life.  

Isn't it funny how I have had this little guy in my arms for 12 weeks, and I already have huge cases of nostalgia and memories galore?  

It seems like a million years ago that I left the hospital with little teeny tiny Motorcycle.  I feel like I am now a mother to a good-nature, happy, talkative, beautiful baby boy.  

It is hard to describe just how much he has brought joy to our lives.  If it is already this good, how might it be when he is just a few months older?  I can't comprehend it.  


sporting the family team

Hi, I'm HUGE
 At 3 months here are the day to day facts:    

  • one wake up call around 3 am
  • rise and shine around 6am
  • takes a pacifier only for sleeping
  • naps are a bust-will only sleep for an hour max
  • takes a bottle when mom is at work with no hesitation
  • does cobra pose when placed on tummy
  • loves to be cuddled
  • holds my hand while nursing
  • vocalizes his feelings with sounds and coos
  • rolls seems to grow larger by the second
  • cheeks sag to his chest when propped upright  
Last week marked the return of work for me.  There are two challenges.  First, the initial goodbye in the morning.  It is tough to leave him.  Second, I am still learning the ins and outs of pumping at work.  I could go into detail on the latter, but I'll save that for another time.  
Hi, I sleep next to my daddy when mom goes for a run.

3 months old and still loving the swaddling

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kerri said...

My first baby celebrates her 6th birthday on Friday, remembering her as a teeny tiny makes me tear up. Time flies!

Callum is so cute. I never pump, I can't imagine doing it daily. You are a champ!!