Friday, July 26, 2013

the day to day

Two weeks down. 
There were plenty of meetings over the summer.  However, the first official day of my new job began last week.  

Here are some of my findings

  • I do feel that I made the right choice.  The day to day work reinforces my desire to be part of educational leadership.  
  • I am finding that I get to do items thrown at me from many different people.  I am having to learn how to prioritize items and manage a to do list that balloons by the hour.  Teaching offers the same thing, but this time it is on a school wide basis instead of a classroom basis.  
  • Most of what I do revolves around assessment and data dis-aggregation. 
  • Now more than ever I have to watch my mouth.  In no situation is it okay to be negative or foul mouthed about a colleague.  I am finding that this alone is leading to more optimism and positiveness in my work. 
  • I like the feeling of being able to help someone.   When a teacher asks me for help, and I'm able to provide it I feel validated.  
  • Being the instructional coach at two school sites is challenging.  I always felt pulled to the school I am not at so that it doesn't appear like I'm favoring one over the other. 
  • I have had to present several pieces of information in school-wide meetings.  
  • I will MISS being a teacher.  It has been more than weird to prepare for the first day of school in a different way.  Instead of working on seating charts and class expectations, I am working on ways to implement school wide growth and materials to target AIMS weak areas.  
Of course there is more to mention here.  In addition to starting a new job, I am trying to give 100% of myself in every little aspect in my life.  
Here is my day to day. 

5:11am-alarm clock goes off
5:30-run with sister (4-6 miles)
6:20-ab work, push ups, any last minute exercises to fit in before Callum is up
6:42 ish-Callum is awake.  Finish getting ready while he hopefully will sit still. yeah right. 
7:00-devoted attention to Callum.  Feed him, play with him, talk to him until it is time to go
7:30-the hard goodbye, arrive at the office
9:30-pump milk to refrigerate for tomorrow morning 
12:30-speed race home to feed Callum
1:00-speed race back to work
3:30-do my best to leave work on time
3:31-reunited with my baby
8:04-Callum is ready for bed. cuddle him until he falls asleep
3:30a-wake up call to feed Callum

5:11a-it begins again!

This will be even more fun when my fall classes start in August!  


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Bryn said...

I recognize that schedule :)

We have just got to talk sometime! It's so neat you're doing data analysis - that's what I did my Master degree in and I would love to hear about what you're doing :)