Sunday, July 7, 2013

the recent captures

The bedtime routine has become one of my most favorites parts of being Callum's mom.  He is always so calm and content in those final quiet minutes.  I love and cuddle him as much as possible during this time.  Captured to the right...

He certainly has a soft spot for daddy.  As captured, he is most comfortable in this cozy lap.  Can we please talk about how his cheeks touch his shoulders?  I can't even look at this picture.  It makes me die.  I love it. 

This smile was completely unsolicited.  We suited up for our daily walk, and the second the stroller got outside he gave me this genuine smile.  We gets lots of those these days, but this picture captures one of first unsolicited smiles.  

He is a good boy for Amma.  I would like to think that he already knows her voice and is perfectly comfortable with her.  Amma goes out of her way to take care of him.  We are grateful.  Captured here, another day at Amma's.  

Picture below captures a typical morning.  I leave bright and early for my run, and he hangs with daddy in bed.  It is mostly Callum cooing, talking, and laughing while dad tries to get a little bit more sleep.  I come home to this happy face many times in the morning.  
p.s.  Pictured blanket is the one and only baby thing I attempted to make.  I didn't even end up sewing it.  My big sister saved my butt.  


Kayla said...

SO CUTE! Isn't it great when they get more and more interactive? I love it! Glad you're still rocking at being a mom!

Kerri said...

those cheeks are to die for!