Saturday, August 3, 2013

the data

I am starting to really like data.  It is my role in public education that has taught me to have an appreciation for data.  

For the past several years I have kept a record of my daily workouts.  
Above is my mileage over the past year.
A story begins to emerge when you look at the numbers. 

Aug 2012-became pregnant, mileage tapered

Aug 2012-Feb 2013:  ran pregnant with zero problems, was running 15 milers through November

Mar 2013-started to get big, wore a pregnancy support belt for the 9 miles that I ran during that month.  Walked a ton of miles that were not logged

Apr 2013-Callum born on April 22, pretty much walked, swam, and did yoga

May 2013-so ready to run again.  managed 44 miles within the several weeks that he was born

May 2013 to present day-things are normal


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Kerri said...

ya know, i can't think of a single thing that i am as passionate about as you are about running.