Thursday, August 15, 2013

the long haul

On Sunday morning I received a message from New Zealand that Jason's Nana had passed a few hours earlier.  I hated breaking the news to Jason.  He immediately called home, and we immediately began putting a plan into place to get him home.  That was Sunday morning at 7am. 

Tucson airport
By 3pm we had made an emergency passport interview for Callum at the nearest location, Tucson.  We had booked tickets to and from New Zealand, packed our bags, and made arrangements at work.  

This is how it went.  

Sunday afternoon
Drive to Phoenix-leave car at sister's house.  Pick up rental car and drive to Tucson. 
trying to calm a fussy baby outside of our gate at LAX
Stay in crappy hotel in Tucson to be prepared to take Callum for his emergency passport interview. 

Monday morning
Go to the wrong location for passport interview
Speed across Tucson to appear at the right place.
Pay way too much money to get a passport on the same day.

Monday afternoon
Drive to Tucson airport for a flight departing for LAX at 4pm

Monday night
brand new passport -same day service
Bathe Callum in a random sink in the international terminal
Walk the halls of the international terminal with every intention of tiring Callum out for the 13 hour flight. Callum is super fussy and unsettled.  Parents are extremely nervous to board a flight. 

Monday night 10:30
true joy
Board the plane.  Callum is quickly asleep and enjoyed his cute little bassinet on board.  He sleeps for roughly 6 hours.  Jason and I take turns checking him every hour or so.  He continues to sleep and feed for the remaining 7 hours.  He did so well.  He hardly cried and put up with being changed in a tiny cubicle lavatory.  What a good boy!

Wednesday morning
Tuesday is lost-sucked into time oblivion due to the international date line being crossed. 
Arrive in Auckland at 6am.  Get the rental car and drive to Wellsford right away.  

Wednesday rest of day
Delirious due to no sleep and out of sync with time zone


amberdat said...

i just got all caught up. what a wild get-away to across the world!!!! holy cow you are amazing. how do you do all that?? it sounds like you have it all figured out. he is one cute little babe. i love dem cheeks!

McKenna said...

Wow. You guys sound like you have the traveling thing down. What an adventure!