Saturday, September 14, 2013

the fourth month

Little baby Callum is now in the middle of 4 and 5 months.  We are ever trying to establish a routine that sticks for this little guy.  Our unexpected overseas travel curtailed our efforts.  A week after we arrived home, I was welcomed into the wonderful world of caring for a sick baby.  How sad is it when an infant is sick?  I can barely talk about it without feeling absolutely horrible that he had to experience pain in any form.  

Callum had a fever of 103 degrees and an ear infection in his right ear.  I admit that I did not realize the severity immediately until my all knowing big sister took his temperature.  After reading 101 degrees we knew that this was legit sickness and not fussiness or leftover jet lag.  There were 3 days where he just slept and cuddled with one of us.  He had no energy to cry, and it was clear that moving him inflicted pain.  His cheeks were bright red and his skin was burning.  I blew all my sick days with our New Zealand trip, so between Jason and my sister we were able to care for him during those rough three days.  I feel horrible about him getting sick at 4 months.  Breastfed babies aren't supposed to get sick, right?  It must be my fault one way or another! 
Before we went to New Zealand, Callum was only waking up once every night.  Since we have returned Callum has 2-3 wake ups in one night.  Jason is helping out with those early ones, and I am sticking to the 3am nursing session.  His day time naps are still pretty sporadic.  Sometimes it is 20 minutes, and other times it is 2 hours plus.  We are desperately trying to stick to a set nap schedule for everyone's sake.  Hopefully he can get into the groove asap.  
I often get asked about being a working mom.  I don't feel guilty about going to work.  Not even a little bit.  I love my new job, and I love providing for my family.  Shoot, these days I am even used to the pumping thing.  It is just part of life.  However, there is one little thing that makes me freaked out.  How on earth am I supposed to have multiple babies and still work?  One is doable.  It is not cost effective or even remotely enjoyable for a babysitter to take two kids.  This little concern is going to come up at some point in my future, and I don't know how I'm going to address it.  The other part of this concern is that the road I'm going down at work is only heading towards being a school administrator.  Say goodbye to summer break and decent hours with that job.  A nursing mom with 1+ small children who works as a school administrator.  That thought is scary right now.

Baby Callum found his toes.  I may just be my favorite thing that he has done thus far.  He brings them right to his mouth and sucks on his big toes.  I die every time I see it.  He has also started rolling over.  

Jason introduced rice cereal to our baby boy.  He actually likes it.  

Jason and Callum went to an MLB game for the first time.  We enjoyed watching the D'backs play from right behind 3rd base.  That was a fun little family outing.

During the same trip Callum enjoyed some pool time.  Loved it, but I only let him stay in the pool until his diaper started swelling up and those weird gel crystal things starting coming up.  (We were in Phoenix because I was attending a Qualified Evaluator Training for work).

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Kerri said...

who told you breast fed babies don't get sick. never heard that one before? i wish it were true.

cool that your husband helps with the night shift. you got a real keeper!