Monday, September 23, 2013

the homebuyers

 Our house from the middle of the street.  Did anyone catch that musical reference?

No edits.  The real deal.  This is us.

We did it.  We are homeowners.  
4 bedrooms
1 bonus room
formal dining room
spacious living room
huge backyard full of weeds
huge front yard full of weeds and concrete pieces
The place was gutted back in December.  From December 2012 to May 2013, our family worked tirelessly to get the place ready.  I only briefly mentioned this huge undertaking on the blog.  The truth is that it consumed our every minute.  Before I even begin to talk about this project, I must give credit where credit is due.  My sister and brother-in-law are the reason we have moved up in the world.  Steve bought the house at auction and poured his money, time, talents, and skills into the place.  

It went from a vacant house to brand new home.  No joke.  Virtually everything in the house is brand spanking new.  Tile, carpet, drywall, sheet rock, bathrooms, counter tops, appliances, stairs, paint, windows, heating and cooling, doors, and the list goes on and on and on.  

In mid-August we officially signed all the paperwork and became homeowners.  While that was a huge day, it was mixed with a crazy overseas trip.  I would have made a much bigger deal about it had we experienced a normal August.  

Landscaping a work in progress.  We missed the planting opportunity this season, so we are holding off until winter comes and goes.  For now, it looks like this.  Our backyard is ridiculously huge.  We could seriously build an apartment complex back there.  I have big plans for this space when the time is right.  

Allow me to take you on a quick tour.  This would be our living room area.  Jason chose the paint color.  We are loving our super soft and Arizona dirt friendly carpet.  
I'm sneaking in Callum pictures any chance I can get.  The real purpose of this photo is to highlight the beautiful gray tiles we have throughout the common areas of the house.  The only rooms that are carpeted are the bedrooms and bonus room.  
Here is one more reminder with how it looked just days before Callum was born!  We were moved in but still had significant things going.  
Baby Callum's aquaspray nursery

Callum's room is the smallest in the house.  The room has a cute bookshelf, but the picture doesn't show it.  There are also New Zealand pictures, momentos, and objects all round.  

tray ceiling with recessed lighting in living room

We are very happy with how the living room turned out.  The tray ceiling added a fancy touch, makes it feel more spacious than it already is.  

stairs to the bonus room (future play room for kids)
master bathroom
Steve did an amazing job with the tile in our bathroom.  We picked the color scheme and accent piece, and he made it work.  Not pictured it a 6 foot Jacuzzi tub.  We are a tall family, and I am sick of not fitting in tubs.  I can now stretch all the way out and enjoy the feel of a Jacuzzi while relaxing in the tub!

amazing kitchen
We are also very happy with our kitchen.  We replaced the counter tops and got all new appliances.  The cabinets were virtually the only thing we kept from the original house.  

View of formal dining room from kitchen
Someday this fancy dining room will have a long table and a hutch with china in it.

living room as you enter the front door
Can we please talk about our southwestern design couch?  This may be lost on those of you reading in locations other than the great southwest.  A ward member was moving and had a need to get rid of all of his furniture.  We gladly picked up this FREE southwest artifact without thinking twice.  All we are missing is the howling coyotes and Native American weave designs, and we'd be set for life. 

the office
Really, this is our office, but I'd prefer to take a picture of my precious tready.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Come visit us for real!


Kerri said...

jaw dropping amazing.

Katie Petersen said...

Looks like an awesome house! I can't wait to be a home owner one day!

McKenna C said...

Love, love, love! Seriously it is gorgeous!!! Way to go and congrats again!