Thursday, October 3, 2013

the early morning

As I left the house under a nighttime sky that was on the verge of welcoming the dawn, I took one last deep breath before taking the first stride.  Oh, the morning run.  It is my sanity, special time, quite place, thinking place, refuge, and passion.  

The first few miles are always a little tough.  My body is sleepy, and my head is left clouded over in the cozy cocoon that is my bed.  However, 15 minutes or so of an increased heart rate gets me ready to get lost in stride.  

This morning I had major wardrobe malfunctions with my leggings.  They kept falling down, and my shirt kept coming up.  Absolutely annoying.  

Mile 1 was completely in the dark.  
Mile 2 and 3 were that special instance where a sliver of sunlight peeks over the horizon. 
Miles 3 to 5 were bright sunshine in your face because the sun was still very very low in the sky. 

I feel like I am in a secret club.  I say this because hitting the road in the dark by yourself paves the way for welcoming the sunrise.  There is a very small group of people who are out and about.  This is the secret club that knows how absolutely fantastic it is to be up before the hustle and bustle occurs.  
You know what I love about the early morning run?  It takes a serious amount of dedication and reaps a tremendous amount of accomplishment.  No regrets ever!

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