Saturday, October 12, 2013

the fall break

 Last year on fall break I was 10 weeks along with Motorcycle and officially announced my pregnancy.  This year on fall break I soaked up as many minutes as I could with Callum to make up for the minutes lost at work.  

I won't say it was the most eventful fall break in the world.  What I will say is that Callum got the time and attention he deserves.  That is everything.  

Because pictures are better, I present to you, fall break. 
his thighs are not going to fit in this bumbo for very much longer
this melts my heart more than I could ever describe

loving the outfit

his first bubble bath-huge fan *let it be noted that he is sitting with support

starting to sit up unassisted for small amounts of time

gym buddies-Callum rocks the walking contraption while I pump iron

Sadly, yes I did.  A mom selfie.  
And for the grand finale of fall break...
I present to you precious baby Callum crying for mama from his crib.a bout 21 seconds into clip)

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McKenna C said...

This is fabulous. I love the pictures, and that adorable chunky baby! He is SO precious! How fun that he says mama too!