Sunday, October 6, 2013

the little things

The big take away for me this conference is ...

The little things I do within the walls of my home matter and make a difference. 

President Monson, Prophet, Seer, Revelator
I do not think I can more clearly reiterate this message.  I heard it loud and clear through every session. I also would like to admit that I had a huge panic attack about being completely responsible for Callum's well-being.  There were plenty of what if questions running through my mind.  I had a bit more understanding for why parents always say they wish children could just stay little.  It is worrisome to think that some day I will have to send him to school by himself to make choices.  That had not really happened to me until watching conference this time.  

And of course, the answer I received to all of these what if questions goes directly back to by big take away aforementioned. Thank you, especially, for Elder Oaks and his strong words on families.   I cannot make choices for him.  What I can do is teach him the gospel through my actions, words, and deeds.   The home is the one place where my influence can make a lasting impression.  With this in mind, I walk away with a stronger resolve to be the influential mother that Callum deserves. 

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McKenna C said...

So true and a great reminder! I loved conference!