Saturday, October 12, 2013

the race

The annual Winslow Cancer Support Group 10k Race took place today.  
My mom is a member of the group and a breast cancer survivor going strong.  

My mom pushed Callum in the stroller while the rest of the family ran the 10k.  
My mom was the winner in the stroller category, and I was the overall winner for the 10k.  

The course is longer than a 10k.  When I say I ran 49 minutes on the course, it is probably closer to 47 minutes.  That is an okay time with me.  

I do love this race for so many reasons.  For one, each water station is manned by junior high and high school students.  It made me happy to hear "Go Mrs. Richards!"  out there on the course.  Another reason I love it is because it is in my precious hometown.  I love this community, and I love to be part of the things that make it a tight knit place to live.  And most importantly, this race represents my mom's cancer fight and the many other strong women (and men) that have fought the same battle.  

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