Sunday, November 10, 2013

the parents

Welcome to our life.  
It isn't easy.  We both work and go to school and get up in the night and pay bills and fight and stress out and doubt and worry and don't seem to measure up lots of the time.  
However, with each passing year we seem to figure it out a little more.  
The celebrations in our life far outweigh the negative we constantly battle.  
Having a family all our own and getting a tiny glimpse of true joy from it has made everything about our struggles much more manageable.  

Callum has taught me a plethora of life lessons.  There is one particular lesson that I feel is imperative to remember and apply day in and day out.  While my role as his mother is always crucial, I am particularly aware of how my role as a wife to his daddy will make or break this kiddo.  What more can I say?  

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