Sunday, November 10, 2013

the rolling baby

Callum overload. 

 Today Callum decided to continuously roll across the living room floor.  We all thought it was cute when he rolled a few times.  Then he continued to roll underneath the table.  The only thing that stopped his momentum was the table leg.  Just a reminder, I'm a first timer here, and seeing your not-so-long- ago newborn suddenly move on their own is intense.  

He's been sitting up unassisted.  Slowly, slowly he is getting better at independent play.  I really hope his frequency and duration of independent play picks up quickly.  Sometimes I feel like I have to carry him everywhere.  My sister feels the same way when babysitting him.  

Callum got to spend time with his cousins this weekend.  Pretty sure he is a fan of the attention and cuddles. 

Another attempt at independent play...

I'm covered in pee.  Isn't that a perfectly acceptable reason to take a photo?  Dang pee just shoots out every time he sees the water turn on for the bathtub. 

Who would have thought a dog hat could melt my heart?  I hate pets, but I love this boy in a dog hat.  

Those dang eyes. 

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Kerri said...

It is my belief that the first child never plays as long solo as the second.