Saturday, November 30, 2013

the turkey day with motorcycle

This year we enjoyed Thanksgiving in sunny Phoenix with my sister, Monika, and her family.  Here is our day in pictures.  

My parents love Christmas.  They were excited to see the perfectly pruned and ridiculously tall Christmas tree in Anthem during our journey to Phoenix.  

The obligatory sister picture-minus 1 sister

the youngest grandbabies 

Oh, you know, it's Thanksgiving and we are chilling next to the pool.  

This lasted for about five minutes...

The only five minutes I spent during dinner without holding Motorcycle.  
I will say that having a fussy baby is one way to ensure you don't overeat on Thanksgiving.  I did not even finish one plate and barely managed to squeak in two small pieces of pie.   Previous to this holiday, getting through my plate was a non-factor.  

Cheers to portion control courtesy of my baby

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