Sunday, December 8, 2013

the cardinals

Something very special happened.  Jason got to see the Cardinals play in real life.  We watched the Cardinals vs. Rams game.  When I say that Jason was happy about it, I do not even scratch the surface.  

Let me explain.  When you live far, far away from your homeland, you have to find something that is your thing.  This thing is something that helps you cope and experience excitement so that the void you fill for missing everything familiar isn't quite so big.  

For me that void was filled through the beach.  No kidding.  On my most homesick days I found myself reading, running, or gazing out at the deep blue ocean that somehow connected my home to his home.  But I digress. 

His new found team has given him many smiles and many near heart attacks.  We are hoping for a playoffs clinch but that is on the level of a Christmas miracle at this point.  

The bottom line here is that when Jason found out he was going to a Cardinals game he had a new spring in his step.  I had not seen him that excited since he was at home in New Zealand watching the All Blacks.  Note:  that void will never be filled.  There is no proper way to replace the greatest rugby team in the world.  Go AB's!

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