Tuesday, December 17, 2013

the end of a semester

Can you believe it?  The end is in sight.  I just completed the second to last semester for my masters program.  This semester I conquered School Law and School Finance & Human Resources.  

On January 17 I will begin my principal internship.  When the internship concludes in May, I will have completed my M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & Management.  It is a life long goal that is coming to pass.  

I maintained a 4.0 throughout all of my courses except for ONE.  I started a new class on the day Callum was born.  The course duration took place during the first two months of his life.  Need I say more?  I ended up getting a B in this course.  It killed me, but when it comes down to it, I had tons on my plate and learning to be a mom was more important.  

Go Sun Devils!

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LeashyLoo said...

Larissa, I think that you are amazing! You have a wonderful capacity to take on so much and do it well (and still be so well rounded!) The end of your Masters truly is in sight. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas my friend and all the best for 2014. I miss you my friend but am so glad that we can keep in touch from afar. Someday we will meet again. Thanks for your positive, encouraging comments on my blog! :)