Thursday, December 26, 2013

the simple Christmas

In terms of memorable Christmases, this 2013 Christmas may go down as a top 3.  

1.  There was the year I went to New Zealand for Christmas or as Jason likes to refer to that year, the time I came crawling back! 

2.  There was the year we went to Ohio for Christmas to spend it with my grandparents.  That was my first time on a plane and first time to experience a white Christmas. 

3.  Then there was this year.   We did not buy mounds of presents.  We were missing both my parents and Jason's parents.  Heck, we did not even put up Christmas lights this year.  We went into the holiday season knowing that there was not room for elaborate spending for presents.  With that in mind we proceeded to bring meaning to Christmas and probably did not fully realize it.  For example, we listened to Christmas carols from Halloween onwards.  We attended to every little detail on our Christmas tree.  It was picture perfect.  On Christmas Eve we made sure to remember what was most important...our little family...Our Savior...our opportunity to be together.  I feel like I have so much to say about why it was so memorable, but I do not think I can adequately express how significant it was.  Jason and I came to the conclusion that this Christmas will go down in the books because we will look back and remember how we bought less than 5 presents.  Neither of us set foot in the hustle and bustle of shopping malls.  I find that I often feel inadequate when I buy gifts.  It seems like there is always the desire to top the gift you got before.  That thought was nowhere to be found this year.  We both felt that Christmas was completely different with a little baby boy.  All I really cared about was his happiness.  

There are two other things that made this day memorable.  Jason surprised us all when he did a haka for his talent.  For those that are not familiar, the Bratt family talent show lives on.  Each family member does a talent and receives new pajamas for said talent.  
Here are our talents....

Callum claps
Jason does haka
Larissa lights luminaries 

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Kerri said...

we had a simple christmas this year too. the kids didn't really want anything and we were all pretty happy just looking at our christmas tree. i love the laid back years.

the clapping is adorable. and the haka, wow! always love a good haka!