Sunday, January 5, 2014

the accomplishments

I would like to share four things that have made me proud of myself lately. 

1.  I cooked several dinners that were healthy and delicious and homemade.  I actually hate cooking dinner.  I don't know what I will do when I'm responsible to feed Callum and other children with actual food.  For now, I found satisfaction in having the guts to try some new recipes and see them turn out. 

2.  I have been reading leisure books.  With my grad school work, Motorcycle, the new job, and life in general my beloved hobby of reading has really taken a hit.  I have another week until the new semester starts (which is actually my last semester of the program!) and I intend to read as much as possible in that time. 

3.  I have been completing a daily yoga challenge.  It consists of 30 days of yoga and focuses on different types of yoga and positions therein.  It is manageable and fun for a busy working mom like myself.  

4.  I am 11 weeks into training for my fourth marathon.  Like I've said before, I try to not share running things on this forum.  I save my comments about running on my running blog...      If you are at all interested in running or working out or motivation to get off the couch, maybe something there might spark your interest.  What I am trying to say is that training for this race has been extremely rewarding.  I have battled an injury already, conquered 17 miles (18 miles next week), and somehow juggled caring for Motorcycle and keeping my job and getting A's in my classes.  It all works out.  


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