Sunday, February 23, 2014

the tenth month

Teething is the word for this month.  He still doesn't have any teeth, but we know it is going to be any second.  It has been a lot of runny noses, weird fevers, fussiness, fingers in mouth, and general discomfort.  

He continues to scoot along furniture and has ventured into the nether regions of the house.  I found him in the laundry room the other day, which might as well be like crawling the distance of a marathon.  I was quite impressed.  

His interest in the tv seems to have gone down.  I am pleased with this.  His interest in books has increased more.  He has always enjoyed listening and now seems to enjoy investigating the pages for himself.  

We have always been pleased with our non picky eater.  However, he has now put his foot down on several foods.  Tomatoes, boiled eggs, and avocado have turned into foods that he will not tolerate.  He enjoys a morning smoothie with me pretty much every work day.  

He has been going to track practice with me.  I will run the sets with my athletes and then quickly pick Callum up in between the recovery times.  He loves the astro turf and crawls all around.  

He is still nursing.  I really truly do not want to cut him off.  I will continue nursing him for the next two months.  For now, I can't even think about it.  It makes me sad. 

Life is great.  We have much to be grateful for mostly because of little Motorcycle.  He makes life so much better.  


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McKenna said...

What a cute, cute boy! He is so lucky to have a mama like you! Keep these updates coming :)