Thursday, February 6, 2014

the time thing

Let's be honest.  I am straight up overwhelmed.  Until the AIMS test goes down, I am feeling the crunch in all areas of my busy life.  Allow me to indulge in a detailed list of the things that are becoming overwhelming.

  • I am a high school track coach.  Starting next Monday I will be taking Callum out to practice with me and somehow providing coaching on running form, technique, and discipline for a large group of sprinters.  On top of this, I will be traveling to 12 track meets throughout the season that will take up an entire day and night after travel is factored in.  Somehow Callum will need to be breastfed and taken care of in this schedule.  There is a real possibility that he will be on a school bus with me.  Do I have to do track?  Of course not.  Do I know how to say no?  Of course not.  Is this good for my family, graduate school work, or even my workload at work, ?...NO.  
  • I have mentioned in earlier posts that I am an instructional coach in my district.  While it is a dream job in many ways, it is also extremely taxing.  I support new teachers, oversee data, conduct observations, plan and present professional development opportunities, and tons of other things that are stressful and delicate in many ways.  I am still learning the ropes.  Like in many other areas of my life, I have to put my heart and soul in.  Because of this I am constantly putting myself out there and trying new things that sometimes work and other times crash and burn.  
  • I am 4 weeks shy of running a marathon.  While the training has gone well, despite my busy working mom life, I am feeling the crunch of not being able to give 100% to this area.  I hope my training has been enough. 
  • I am getting through my own school work.  It takes up most every free minute of weekends and several nights per week.  I am so ready to be done.  May 13 could not come faster.  If I can make it to May 13, I will be walking across a stage as a newly graduated M.Ed. student.  Neato. 
  • Callum.  I am sure all moms feel this in someways, but I think working moms get it bad.  I constantly feel like I need to do more.  When he has a fussy day or doesn't sleep through the night, I usually chalk it up to me being away from him.  He is becoming aware of my comings and going with work and it kills me.  I hate to walk out the door with him reaching for me.  I am doing the best I can.  
Okay, so I just gave a complete list of disgruntled comments.  What am I going to do about it?  The go getter in me can't leave this post with a list of complaints with no plan to fix it.  

Here is where I am at. 

  1. Just make it to the AIMS test. My job is extremely stressful partly because we are marching ever closer to the state standardized testing period in late April.  The stakes are high, and I am in a position that is held responsible for scores across content areas.After April I can focus on different aspects of my job that may be less stressful. 
  2. Just make it to May 13.  Graduation.  A little precious reward for my Masters.  So close. 
  3. Think of a track as an opportunity to get in a workout.  I'll be running any ways.  I might as well be getting paid to coach while I am at it. 
  4. When I am home with Callum, give him 100% attention.  Do not start school work until he goes to bed. 
  5. Finish strong with the marathon.  Make it happen and then enjoy a short recovery period with no running.  By then it will be warm weather, and I'll be reinvigorated to run in the warm for a purpose other than a marathon. 
  6. Be kind at work.  I can't really elaborate on this one.  The quote below says it all.

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