Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the eleventh month

-finally got teeth (two front teeth no less)
-terrified of vacuum
-terrified of sneezing
-let's be real, he's terrified of loud noises all together
-continues to cruise along furniture, can stand with one hand or no hands for a few seconds
-mastered sprint crawling
-continues to love his books (makes my heart so so so happy)
-has clear likes and dislikes with people food
-still nursing (makes my heart so so so happy)
-sleeping through the night/regular naps
-has a large vocabulary (mom, dad, no, bappy, bottle, bye bye)
-waves bye bye in the correct context
-claps ALL THE TIME (can clap on cue with the fake clapping on tv shows)
-mimics people i.e. fake coughing, yelling, first letter of any words
-when chased he runs toward you instead of away from you
-has started to show small signs of stranger danger for the first time

Callum's eleventh month has welcomed many signs that he is growing out of his baby stage.  This leaves me, the googly mom, with a little bit of sadness.  Does he have to grow up?

Confession:  After a very long track meet, I could not help but scoop him out of his bed and cuddle him.  I woke him up and messed up his sleep for the rest of the next day, but what is a mother to do?  His cuddling is the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

Please stop growing up.

Callum tidbits

He truly is terrified of the vacuum.  He crawls to the vacuum's place periodically throughout the day.  He approaches slowly then proceeds to touch parts of it he is sure about.  Based on the way he acts around the vacuum, I would assume that he thinks it is a living thing.  

 He loves his Bappy.  Does not matter what Bappy is up to.  Callum wants to be part of it.  It is a heart warming thing to see Callum give Bappy unconditional love every time he sees him.  

He continues to be the most fussy for me.  Is this a universal mom law, or is it me?  Callum is not satisfied to be in the same room as me.  He has to be held by me.  I always feel guilty about being away from him, so I always want to hold him every second.  I assume this is a factor.  

During a visit to Moni's house, Callum lost a fight with a metal chair.  He got a black eye to prove it.  Very sad but also very precious.  
black eye

Averi and Callum play well together.  They are one year apart.  Averi is enamored by Callum, and he pretty much feels the same way.  

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