Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the employee of the month

This was a neat thing.  I went to the school board meeting last month to give my piece about the progress towards meeting the school improvement goals at one of the schools I work at.  

I was nervous as anything.  Board meetings are a very, very nerve racking place.  This particular board meeting got a little heated, which did not add any ease to my nervousness. 

One of the items on the agenda was employee of the month.  As the superintendent started to describe the actions of the person who would be receiving the award, I thought to myself...Wow, I do many of those things too.  Completely unexpectedly, he added my name at the end of his description.  

On cue I turned bright red and walked up to receive my award.  I had no idea that I would receive recognition.  

 I will be perfectly honest about this.  February and March have been extremely tiring, stressful, consuming, and exhausting work months.  I have put in many extra hours and have juggled more than I would like to admit.  However, it has also been an extremely fruitful time.  There are some exciting prospects in regards to teacher growth and student achievement at both sites at work at.  I am dying to see how we do on the AIMS this year.  There has been so much work in meeting goals and benchmarks that I cannot help but think our test results will show what we have put into it.  

This small atta-boy was just what I needed.  I freaking love my job.  The working mom life is the life for me.  

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