Saturday, May 17, 2014

the state track meet

Our excellent vantage point from the team camp
When I say that Motorcycle is a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, I do not even scratch the surface.  Because of Jason's commitment to be out of town for a three week intensive course, Callum had no choice but to attend the state track meet with me.  
Three days of coaching, intense heat, and well, babysitting.  Considering that he had been to practice with me many times, it was no far stretch to see him happily crawling around the team camp.  However, the ridiculous May heat of Mesa added a new level of worry for me.  Can babies even be outside in heat like that?  Is that a reason for CPS to take away your child?  I was a little freaked out.  

As it turns out, Callum loved life.  He played in the dirt, hung onto the chain-link fence surrounding the track, tampered with the belongings of the runners, and was generally awesome.  
completely exhausted in his stroller-it was about 95 degrees at this point
one of his mini naps in death heat
When I say the kid is awesome I mean it.  On Day 1 of Preliminary heats we arrived at 11am.  10 hours later we left the track.  It was still in the low 90s even at 9pm.  He never cried.  I promise.  Day 2 Final heats he was a bit more antsy.  We arrived at the track around 1pm.  5 hours later when we left at the peak of the heat, he was fussy and ready to go.  Not too shabby.  

tampering with the runners' belongings

it's the simple things that make him happy

back at the hotel-completely exhausted

Mother's Day in our hotel room with the track team

riding in the team van-new kicks

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