Saturday, May 17, 2014

the year of milestones

What a year. Somehow we are going to make it to summer break. 
In looking at the big picture, it is almost impossible to realize what we accomplished this school year. We checked quite a few life change boxes on our taxes this year.  

-raised a newborn
-exclusively breastfed despite working full time
-trained and ran a marathon and qualified for Boston 2015 in the process
-bought a house
-finished the Master's program
-started a new job
-coached high school track
-went to New Zealand

-raised a newborn
-bought a house
-lost 25 pounds
-started working out at club gym
-accepted to the nursing program
-cna certification
-went back to the motherland

-smiled in May
-ate solid food in August
-slept through the night in October
-crawled in December
-clapped and talked in December
-first tooth in March
-crawled around the track during the season
-stand unassisted in May
-not walking yet
-took an international trip

I do not know how we can top this year.  It was fantastic and crazy and joyful all at the same time. 

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